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I have been helping my consultants for over 30 years

Medium in the Var

All week long, you can consult me in office, I will tell you what I see and what I really feel. I will provide you with predictions about your love, work and family life. As a medium in the Var for many years, my skills are proven and will allow me to answer your questions.

For those who cannot come to the office, I can offer you a consultation by phone. Choose a specific question and together we will clarify your future. The quality and operation of the consultation are identical to an appointment in an office.

I use the Tarot de Belline as a support for divination and I particularly like punctuality, to guarantee you the time necessary for your request and your session.

An innate gift of over 30 years

Medium from a young age

My first sight was when I was 5 years old. Since then, I have continued to exercise my gift. My ambition has been to help all my consultants in different aspects of their life, for over 30 years. I guarantee you a session without judgment and filled with benevolence.

I will enlighten you in the fairest way, without passing judgment. I will put all my kindness, my empathy, my seriousness and my precision to accompany you.

For many years, I have been self-employed and working alone. I worked for Radio Saint-Tropez for many years as a psychic. I am recognized and recommended by many personalities from the political and artistic world.

Recognized and recommended by great personalities from the political and artistic world, she is consulted by a loyal and diversified clientele.
Occult works 99% success ******
Her precision, her seriousness and her efficiency make her a Grande Dame of Clairvoyance, for over 30 years.

Help with realizations, all occult works

To help you in the realization of your projects, I have been initiated into the practices of the occult for many years. I will be at your disposal to understand your problem and to offer you the best solution. So, call on me, witch in the Var, for love rituals, professional protection, the return of the loved one and the sale of real estate.

I will rely on your speech and tangible elements: hair, nails, clothes worn and photos. To carry out these occult works, my main working tools are: wax dolls, daggers, stones, blood, mushrooms and plants. I will do all this occult work alone.

I advise you to be on time so that I can devote all the time necessary to you. Contact a real witch in the Var and ask for a tailor-made quote for all your requests.

Calm, serious and patience

Cut the fire and the magnetism

The magnetizer uses magnetic energy to rebalance organisms. Thanks to the warmth of my hands, connected to the energies, I can treat all types of ailments: eczemas, tendonitis, burns, psoriasis and many others. To treat his various ailments, we can meet in the office or I can do that remotely, based on a photo. I will give you the time you need to relieve yourself.

During a burn, contact me for free by phone, and together we will stop your suffering. More and more personalities are turning to alternative medicine to treat their pain.

Enter the witch's lair

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Discover my place of work, where you will be received. As a renowned medium in the Var, I will be able to guide and advise you on all aspects of your life and help you in different ways: witchcraft, magnetism and clairvoyance.

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All year round, ask for an appointment with Eve Médium in the Var. So that I can truly accompany you, I will ask you to be on time. Contact me so that together we can move in the right direction.

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